Liebster Blog Award

This feels like forever ago, but on April 7th, I was nominated by Biblio Mania for the Liebster Blog Award! It was certainly a wonderful surprise to wake up to, and I thank her so much for the recognition. Her blog is fantastic, by the way — I don’t follow too many Blogspot blogs, but I was glad to find her blog and followed promptly. You all need to check it out!

"Liebster" means "beloved" in German. Who knew?

Anyways, the Liebster Blog Award is given to those who have less than 200 followers. It’s considered to recognize those blogs that are “the best kept secrets” out there, and I can’t even begin to express my gratitude that people actually enjoy reading A Novel Place. When I had created the blog five months ago, I hadn’t really expected many people to actually care. But the fact that I’ve got so many followers (and the number just keeps growing) makes me incredibly happy. So thank you!

As far as I know, I don’t have to do anything for this award other than nominate five blogs that I feel are “the best kept secrets.” So without further ado, here are my nominations (some don’t say how many followers they have, but I included them anyways):

1) The Life of Mugs: This girl is fantastic. After reading her super long post on The Hunger Games, I knew we had a lot in common. From music to books, Meg makes sure her blog is different from the rest. If you like this blog, make sure to check out her other blog Meg Says.

2) Bridget’s Books: This blog is definitely a gem. It’s written in such a captivating way and I love reading her thoughts on the publishing world and books. It’s a must-follow.

3) Scribbles & Wanderlust: I love this blog. We share many similar thoughts on books and I look forward to seeing what she’s going to post next.

4) Thoughts On My Bookshelf: After feeling like I was the only bookworm who doesn’t love borrowing books from the library, I happened to come across this blog. And boy was I glad when I realized I’m not alone. (Bonus: She shares the same name as myself).

5) Back to the Bookshelf: I’m only a recent follower, but I absolutely enjoy reading her reviews on YA books and movies. While I may not  be as engrossed in YA literature as she is, she makes me want to read a lot of the books she reviews.

Well, that’s it for my nominations. Make sure to take a look at the blogs above because I know for a fact you won’t be disappointed. Thanks again Biblio Mania for the award!

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