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What’s Up Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Jaime Morrow and Erin Funk geared toward readers and writers, allowing us to touch base with blog friends and let them know what’s up. I came across this meme today while reading through book blog posts on WordPress, so I thought it’d be nice to shake things up and share what’s going on in my little world with you all. Feel free to join and share what’s up with you too!

Right now, I’m about halfway through The Jane Austen Book Club by Karen Joy Fowler. I had been hoping to finish it within a couple of days after starting it, but last week was busy and this past weekend didn’t provide any time for pleasure reading either. I’m going to try to finish it today, though, so I can get started on The Bookman’s Tale by Charlie Lovett. So far I’m really loving The Jane Austen Book Club—it’s refreshing to see the book and its film adaption complement and stay true to each other. Once I’m done reading, I’ll rewatch the movie again and write a book-to-movie-adaption review post for you all (it’s been ages since I wrote my Pride and Prejudice book-to-movie-adaption post).

To be honest with you, I’m not writing. I have so many ideas for books in my head (a new one just surfaced over the weekend, inspired my boyfriend Filip), and have a plot draft all ready to go for one of them… it’s just time that’s not on my side. I work eight hours a day, with 45 minutes transit both before and after work. When I stay at my aunt’s house, I don’t normally have free time until 8:00 pm, which is too late for me to be creative. And when I’m at my parents’ house, I’m helping them clean/organize our house before I move out. And then on weekends I see Filip/friends. So yes…until I have less responsibilities or more time on my hands for myself, I don’t see me starting Blackbird anytime soon (which is the name of the book I’ll be writing).

Many things are inspiring me recently… Filip’s family has inspired me to take on a more healthier lifestyle, which includes veggie-and-fruit smoothies for breakfasts, excercising as often as possible (usually I do an hour-long power walk with 1-pound wrist weights during lunch) and eating healthier meals. His family has also inspired me to be cleaner, which is why I’ve gotten my family on the whole cleaning-the-house kick.
Two authors at the moment have inspired me too: Karen Joy Fowler (The Jane Austen Book Club) is an amazing writer, and like one review says on the front cover of her book, “If I could eat this novel, I would.” Her style flows effortlessly and she has reminded me to continue experiencing Austen (as I’ve only read Pride and Prejudice before). I want to write characters with as much depth and warmth to them as she has done with hers. The other author who has inspired me most recently (this morning actually) would be Charlie Lovett (The Bookman’s Tale). I had the opportunity to send him some interview questions to post on my blog to share his new book, and just reading his answers to my questions this morning made me almost weep. His words are…incredible. Seriously. I had only planned on skimming through his answers this morning but it was ridiculously hard to pull away. His sentences are magnetic and if he can invoke that much response in me with only an interview, imagine what his book will do to me. He’s experienced so much in his life so far, what with book collecting, living in Europe, writing…I just wish I could mirror his life as my own.

Well since I’ve had little time to read lately, that must mean I’ve had other things on the go! Last week I found out that I can officially move out of both my parents’ and aunt’s home into my aunt’s spare condo now that her renter is leaving. I’m beyond excited as I’ve loved her condo ever since she first built it. While I’ll still be going back and forth each week to spend two nights either at my aunt’s house to help look after my grandma or my parents’ house, it’ll be nice to just have one place to hold all my things. It’s been tough this past year and half living between two homes, never knowing where any of my things are and never feeling satisfied with having spent enough time with both sides of my family. Plus, having a place of my own will mean Filip can come over whenever he wants and I can host little get togethers with my friends. AND having time alone in the condo might mean I’ll have a chance to start Blackbird.
Also. Monday was me and Filip’s first year anniversary (of dating), so that was exciting. We had dinner at the Calgary Tower and dressed all fancy and stuff.
AND my first ever book club meeting will be gathering tomorrow evening! We’re going to meet up at the movie theatre, discuss The Great Gatsby book and then watch the movie. I’m so excited! You can be sure I’ll post about that on Friday, focusing on a book-to-movie-adaption review.

So yes, that’s what’s been up  :)

What have you been up to lately?
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13 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday

  1. That’s a LOT to be up to! All exciting and good stuff, and it looks like with the new place you’ll be able to write and do your own thing more very soon. That’s great!

  2. Congrats on one year with your boyfriend and on the new place. Sounds like you’re super busy! I’ve never read The Jane Austen Book Club but I have seen the movie. So far I’ve only read Pride and Prejudice and Persuasion by Austen, but I know all of the stories despite not having read them yet. I love Austen, so I really should get around to reading the others. It’s great that you’re trying to eat healthier too. I’ve been wanting to make a concerted effort to do the same, but have so far not been successful. BUT, I’m not giving up on it! :-)

    P.S. I live about an hour north of Calgary. *waves*

    • Awe, thank you! What did you think of the movie? I personally loved it, which is why I was super excited to have gotten the book for $2 at a book sale. The book hasn’t disappointed me yet :)
      And definitely do not give up on being healthy! I’m in love with sweets and can’t go a week without some baked good or chocolate something. So needless to say, eating healthy isn’t all that easy. But it’ll be worthwhile in the end.
      PS, that’s so cool! I’ve never met anyone through here who lives in Alberta!

  3. I haven’t read THE JANE AUSTEN BOOK CLUB, but I’ve seen the movie and really enjoyed it. Whenever I see a copy of Jane Austen’s collected works, I always picture Hugh Dancy lugging that enormous book around. :)

    Congratulations on your new condo and for celebrating your one year dating anniversary! I hope you can find some writing time in the middle of all the busyness! Oh, and glad to have another Canuck join our meme!

    • I love the movie! And I’m happy to say the movie is just as good as the book. Hugh Dancy was adorable in the movie :)
      And thank you! I hope I can start writing again too.
      PS, I’m no Canuck, haha. I’m a Flame all the way (well, so long as they’re winning).

  4. Congrats on one year!
    And on the topic of Jane Austen, I’ve been looking for some excuse to get my husband to dress up in the whole Mr. Darcy ensemble. But there is no good reason, other than, he would look awesome in that.

  5. Congrats on your one-year anniversary and on getting your own condo! That’s really exciting stuff. And yay for being healthier! Eating more mindfully and exercising more are big goals of mine this summer too.

    • Yeah, I’ve always been up and down with exercising and eating healthy, but since I’m going to Mexico at the end of the summer and have already bought my bikini for it, I NEED to feel confident in it. Let’s both kick our own butts this summer!

  6. Oh, I really liked THE JANE AUSTEN BOOK CLUB–I thought the characters were so great, and so well-drawn. I wished the book had gone on longer, though–I felt like it ended so neatly and abruptly! I’m excited to hear what you think of it!

    • I finished the book yesterday and was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. But the ending did leave me wanting more — it was sad saying goodbye to the characters so suddenly. And not all the loose ends were tied up, particularly with Allegra, but I suppose that’s all right.

  7. Congrats on your one-year and on the new condo (and hopefully having more time to write)!

    I really want to see Gatsby but I haven’t read the book so I’m not letting myself see the movie yet…

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